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                • 美国Taylor-Dunn TC-30 / 60 L牵引车

                美国Taylor-Dunn TC-30 / 60 L牵引车

                价格: 面议


                Download (PDF): TC30-60L.pdf
                TC-30 / 60 L STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS
                Model: TC-30 / 60 L
                DBP: 3,000 lbs - 6,000 lbs
                GVW: 4,530 lbs - 7,600 lbs
                Length: (less coupler) 105.0” (2,667 mm)
                Width: 55.0” (1,397 mm)
                Height (less cab): 57.0” (1,448 mm)
                Height (with cab): 77.5” (1,969 mm)
                Wheelbase: 65.0” (1,651 mm)
                Ground Clearance: 6.5” (165 mm)
                Turning Radius: Two wheel steer 120.0” (3,0481 mm)
                Frame: Unibody steel frame construction with heavy duty front & rear plates
                Engines: Gasoline V-6, LPG V-6, Diesel in-line 4
                Cooling System: Water-cooled, radiator
                Fuel System: Gasoline, diesel, or LP
                Fuel Capacity: Gasoline and Diesel 13 U.S gal (49.2 L), LPG 33.5 Lb ICC tank
                Air Intake System: Single stage dry element
                Exhaust System: Single muffler with rear exhaust discharge
                Transmission: Automatic transmission three-speed with torque converter & oil cooler
                Steer Axle: Heavy duty steer axle with knuckles & arms
                Drive Axle: Heavy duty differential drive axle with double reduction gearbox
                Suspension: Front leaf springs, rear rigid mounted
                Tires: Front 6.50 x 10, Rear LT225/75R16
                Steering System: Hydrostatic steering system with steering wheel, column & hydraulic valve connected to a power cylinder on the front steer axle
                Braking System (Service): Brake pedal & linkage connected to a power booster & master cylinder with dual (split) ports connected to rear dual caliper/disc brakes
                Braking System (Park): Lever operated independent park brake
                Electrical: 12 volt negative ground with heavy duty starter, alternator & battery
                Lighting: Head lights, brake/tail lights & reverse/backup lights
                Warning: Horn (steering wheel button)
                Switches: Ignition switch (anti-restart) & head light switch
                Gauges: Engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, voltmeter, fuel level & hour meter
                Seat: Driver vinyl covered bucket type adjustable seat


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