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Is a foetus a person? - Published in A-Level Law Review - September 2015 - See http://www.sociologyblog.co.uk/pub/?p=10153

Workers control of the means of production - Published in Great British Politics - August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's Equality Policy - Published in Great British Politics - July 2015

'Labour Yes' should provide a post-austerity message for Europe - Published in Great British Politics July 2015

Let's make a tenants right to buy a human right  - Published in Great British Politics June 2015

Labour and LibDems need to ditch austerity policies -  Published in Great British Politics - May 2015.

One 'United Kingdom'  - Published in Great British Politics April 2015

Job Sharing for MP's - Published in Great British Politics - April 2015

Obesity Discrimination  - Published in LawsBlog.co.uk - December 2014.

Juries - Do they always understand the issues? - Published in LawsBlog.co.uk - Feb 2013

How to write a precis - using a Mindmap - Published in LawsBlog.co.uk - June 2012

A pie in the face - Published in LawsBlog.co.uk - August 2011

Juries: Communication, the Internet, and Twitter - (November 2010)

Opportunities in Law - Mooting - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (Septemberl 2010)

From threats to opportunities - An exciting future for Civil Lawyers' - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (April 2010)

Textbooks or iPods? - 'InTuition' ... The magazine of the Institute for Learning (Issue 1 - 2010).

The European Convention on Human Rights explained - http//www.peterejepson.com/law/human rights act explained. .pdf

Institutionlised Racism and a British Obama - http://www.peterjepson.com/Obama.pdf

Learning the Law - 'Let me tell you a story ...' - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (September 2008)

Podcasts: Click, Listen and Learn - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (January 2008) - http://www.peterjepson.com/law/podtrial.html

Learning the Law - 'Why study A-Level Law?' - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (September 2007)

Political correctness, or otherwise - http://www.peterjepson.com/law/Political_correctness.htm (April 2007)

Guantanamo - justice delayed is justice denied - http://www.peterjepson.com/law/Guantanamo.htm (April 2007)

Learning the Law - 'The Buzan Method' - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (April 2007)

Consent and Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person - http://www.peterjepson.com/law/lordlane.pdf (March 2007)

Tackling Militant Racism - Public Order Reform - http://www.peterjepson.com/Griffin.html (November 2006)

Learning the Law - 'Textbooks or Websites?' - Published in 'A-Level Law Review' (September 2006)

Flying the Flag - http://www.peterjepson.com/flyingtheflag.htm

Say 'No' to Race Hate Material - Published in the 'Journal of Civil Liberties' - November 2003 [J.CIV.LIB Vol 08/3]

Positive action - Negative result? - http://www.peterjepson.com/positive_action.htm

The Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Bill - http://www.peterjepson.com/sex_discrimination.htm

Ageism and the Professional Code for Teachers - http://www.peterjepson.com/ageism_and_the_professional_code.htm

A racial incident or a criminal offence? - http://www.peterjepson.com/difference_between_a_racial_inci.htm

Racist Incident Monitoring - http://www.peterjepson.com/racial_incident_monitoring.htm

Gay Rights and the Human Rights Act - http://www.peterjepson.com/gay_rights_and_the_human_rights_.htm

Upcoming changes to discrimination law - http://www.peterjepson.com/upcoming_changes_to_discriminati.htm

Future EU impact on discrimination law - http://www.peterjepson.com/future_european_impact_on_discri.htm

A Racist Jury - http://www.peterjepson.com/a_racist_jury.htm

Recruiting women ... some positive action is needed - http://www.peterjepson.com/recruiting_women.htm

The need for more women Members of Parliament - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_18.htm

Banning racist groups like Combat 18 - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_11.htm

Tackling Racism on the Internet - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_10.htm

Tackling Militant Racism - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_13.htm (see also my book of the same name)

An employee's expectation of privacy while surfing the net - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_12.htm

Harassment Act 1997 and Trade Union immunity - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_14.htm

Was Stephen Lawrence’s murder racially motivated? - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_4.htm

Tackling religious terminology that stirs up racial hatred - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_5.htm

Tackling Discrimination in Political Parties - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_15.htm

An organisation's liability for racial harassment - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_9.htm

The definition of a racial incident - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_6.htm

Tackling Sex and Race Discrimination - http://www.peterjepson.com/new_page_16.htm

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